Genie Babcock is a police officer for the LAPD. She was one of the responders to the at 211 in progress at the bank, where Riggs foiled the attempted bank robbery.

She is portrayed by Sprague Grayden in the Pilot episode in Lethal Weapon.

Personality Edit

Genie Babcock is like any other typical police officer, who takes her job serious enough going by the book.

Pilot Edit

Genie Babcock was seen responding to the 211 in progress at the bank that was being held up. There, she sees Riggs going into the bank with some pizza to distract the robbers. Just then, she was listening to Riggs on the speaker from the van having those robbers finish him off, or so she thought.

Upon hearing the shots fired, they were waiting on orders to go in. Just then, Riggs and everyone else who were held hostage at the bank were evacuating just in time before the explosion.

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