Len McCleary is a man who once contemplated suicide via jumping from the roof of a building. He was saved from his apparent death by Martin Riggs.

Lethal WeaponEdit

Sergeant Detectives Roger Murtaugh and Martin Riggs respond to a call of a man contemplating suicide from a 6 story building. The man's name is Len McCleary. He is in a state of shock and refuses physical contact from the police. When they arrive, Riggs decides to bring McCleary down without harming him.

When Riggs reaches the roof, McCleary tells him to stay away. McCleary and Riggs talk for a short while about how the former employee didn't do anything wrong and how he is choosing whether to jump or not. In order to bring him down, the hard way, Riggs asked if he wanted a cigarette. McCleary accepts, then Riggs feigns to light his cigarette, handcuffing him in the process. McCleary is now even more scared than before Riggs' arrival. He asks McCleary if he really wants to jump or not, but warns him now if he attempts to commit suicide, he will be bringing Riggs with him and that will make him a murderer. Having enough with his rants, Riggs pulls McCleary down with the handcuff and landing on the trampoline below. McCleary is subsequently taken into police custody for his suicidal thoughts.

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