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Leo Getz

Leo 1

Leo 2

Leo 3

Status: Alive
Age: ?
Date of birth: N/A
Birthplace: United States of America
Nationality: Template:Nationality
Affiliation: LAPD
Profession: Banker
Real Estate Agent

Private Investigator

Father: Dead or might still be alive and possibly estranged from Leo as he wasn't very nice towards Leo during childhood.
Mother: Abandoned the family or died when Leo was young.
Sibling(s): Unknown at this time
Played by: Joe Pesci
Films: 2, 3, 4
First film: Lethal Weapon 2
Last film: Lethal Weapon 4
Appears in: 3 films
"Ok, ok..."
―Leo Getz

Leo Getz is the federal witness Team Riggs/Murtaugh had to protect from the South African Diplomats led by Arjen Rudd. Since then he has become their somewhat good friend. His occupation varies by film (i.e. from Banker in Lethal Weapon 2, to Real Estate Agent in Lethal Weapon 3, to Private Investigator in Lethal Weapon 4).


Leo Getz is a talkative, protective, and crazy guy, who is somewhat of a wacko especially towards other people. When he first meets the detectives, they already became annoyed of him once they learned about his repetitive talking and not stopping his conversation; at times, he even talks to himself. Anytime he gets into a certain subject, he will continue to talk about it, which is helpless on occasion. Getz also has different jobs in each film he appears, so it can be implied he changes jobs because the people he works for also get annoyed with his non-stop talking.

Lethal Weapon 2Edit

Meeting the DetectivesEdit

Leo Getz first meets Police men Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh at his apartment during a case where South African Diplomats are smuggling krugerands into the United States. The duo are assigned to protect Leo from the diplomats as well as question him the details regarding their plans. They already show a disliking to his personality and humor, telling him shut up and slapping his hands away from touching their guns. Leo even kids around with them mentioning everything in his room can be theirs and he can take the small room because he is shorter than both cops. He also tells them he laundered funds in half a billion dollars for smugglers in the past. "Room service" arrives in Leo's apartment room and he complains when Riggs and Murtaugh take some french fries, with Leo wanting it first. When the waiter approaches Leo, he pulls out a gun and was just about to shoot him but Leo pointed it up. Riggs charges at the gunman but pushes the cart and he, the gunman, and Leo fall 7 stories into a pool. Leo is momentarily mistaken for the gunman, who managed to getaway, as Riggs delivered a few punches to his face, breaking his nose.

One word after anotherEdit

After being helped out of the pool, Leo is taken with Riggs and Murtaugh to Arjen Rudd's private home. Waiting in the car, one of the henchmen escapes Rudd's house and Riggs goes after him while Leo attempted following too. He enters Murtaugh's station wagon and a chase begins. During the chase, Leo picks up Riggs' gun, which he accidentally dropped when the driver shook the truck to the side. Murtaugh takes the gun away from him.

Lethal Weapon 3Edit

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Lethal Weapon 4Edit

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Behind the ScenesEdit

Leo Getz was portrayed by Joe Pesci in Lethal Weapon 2, Lethal Weapon 3 and Lethal Weapon 4.


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