"Anything you want, Leo gets."
―Leo Getz uses this introduction when meeting new people

Leo Getz is an attorney and a murder witness linked the Tito Flores cartel that Riggs, Murtaugh, and Palmer are investigating, while they're assigned to protecting Leo after he witnessed a client and a DEA agent's murder by the Flores cartel.

He is portrayed by Thomas Lennon in Lethal Weapon.

Personality Edit

Leo takes pride in his work and job as an attorney, especially when using his catchphrase in his introduction when meeting new people: "Anything you want, Leo gets."

Biography Edit

As Good As It Getz Edit

Leo had been working as a attorney at law for the city of Los Angeles. He had been recently representing Flaco Ruiz, an employee for the Tito Flores cartel, who was willing to testify and turn in Tito Flores as they were having a meeting with DEA Agent Daniel Zigman at a donut shop. Just when they were agreeing to a deal, Leo goes to use the restroom, when all the sudden, he hears gunshots in which Ruiz and Zigman were gunned down and killed, leaving Leo to escape alive.

He is put under the protection of Riggs, Murtaugh, and Palmer, while they are investigating the murders done by the Flores cartel.

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