Miranda Riggs (née Delgado) is the late wife of Martin Riggs, and late daughter of Ronnie Delgado. She and Riggs were expecting and close to having their first baby together, and she died in a car crash, taking the unborn baby with her.

It is revealed in the season 1 finale episode that she was indeed murdered. Tito Flores of the Flores drug cartel ordered the hit after Ronnie Delgado refused to cut a deal with Flores in getting him off the drug charges. She was murdered by Gideon Lyon, Flores' main enforcer.

She is portrayed by Floriana Lima in Lethal Weapon.

Pilot Edit

September 15th, 2015, in El Paso, Texas, while Riggs and Jenkins were going after some drug dealers, she called him up to let him know she was going to the hospital to have the baby. Just when Riggs tells her he'll meet up with later, she drives off in her car.

While on her way to the hospital, she was distracted from the driving while rubbing her tummy as she was excitingly ready to have the baby. Just then, an 18-wheeler comes at the intersection and T-bones her on the left, but she didn't die instantly. She was still breathing, and by then, Gideon, who was watching it, came and covered her mouth with his hands and suffocated her. Both her and the unborn baby died.

Riggs receives a phone call from the hospital about Miranda and goes to the hospital to see her. In the morgue, he is sobbing over her death. Her death had stuck with Riggs in the six months, when he moved to Los Angeles to start life over again, though feeling suicidal at times.

To this day, Riggs still thinks about Miranda, and he seems to be turning his suicidal thoughts around, and continues to live for her, and for her family, who reside in Los Angeles. Her father, Ronnie Delgado, thanks his son-in-law, Riggs, for bringing her back to Los Angeles to be buried, as, also, according to Riggs, she never really liked El Paso, or even Texas that much as much as she loved Los Angeles, California.

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