Mrs. Alvarez is the widow of Ramon Alvarez, the murder victim that Riggs and Murtaugh were investigating the death of.

She is portrayed by Veronica Milagros in the Pilot episode of Lethal Weapon.

Personality Edit

Being family woman, Mrs. Alvarez takes her relationship with her family very serious. She takes her son Oscar very serious, too.

Pilot Edit

As Murtaugh and Riggs were investigating the death of Ramon Alvarez, they found out that he was involved in something he never wanted to get mixed up in. Mrs. Alvarez kept it a secret for a while, and when Riggs questioned her further on what all was going on, she explained that her son Oscar was kidnapped by Levon Tibibian, Daryl Hennicky, and the rest of their men, and remains to be held hostage until she can give Tibibian and his men the heroin Ramon stole from. Riggs goes after them and gives them their heroin and gets Oscar. Just when it's about to go South, a shootout occurs, Riggs gets Oscar out of the way, and Murtaugh joins in and they shoot them all down, including Tibibian. Mrs. Alvarez and O scar are reunited soon after.

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