Shadow Company Helicopter
The helicopter flying over the ocean.
Status: Impounded
Tenant(s): Mr. Joshua
Some henchmen
Profession: Assault
First film: Lethal Weapon
Last film: Lethal Weapon

The Shadow Company helicopter was a Bell 206B JetRanger III helicopter piloted by the ruthless ex-CIA drug cartel Shadow Company. It was infamously known for carrying Mr. Joshua on board as he shot down Michael Hunsaker, and for preventing Rianne Murtaugh from escaping via their limo.


Lethal WeaponEdit

The helicopter slowly arrives at the funeral service of Amanda Hunsaker and its sniper Mr. Joshua, takes out her now late father Michael Hunsaker as he was revealing to Roger Murtaugh information on the shipment of his own cartel. As the helicopter leaves Martin Riggs takes a few shots on the helicopter in hopes of slowing it down. However, he fails to hit it as the helicopter heads into the sunset.

On board, Joshua reports he has successfully killed Michael Hunsaker but informs his boss General Peter McAllister another problem exists: Hunsaker spoke to the police and they are now on to their operation.

The next day, the helicopter along with a pickup truck and a white limo, arrive at El Mirage Lake and meet Murtaugh to discuss an exchange with his daughter Rianne. A gunfight ambush ensues and several men are taken out by Riggs until McAllister catches him. When this has been done, Joshua tells the helicopter to go after Rianne, who attempts to escape via limo, but the helicopter eventually slows her down and the henchmen recapture her.

The helicopter is not seen after this.

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