Surf N Turf is the second episode which aired September 28th, 2016.

Plot: Edit

In the Hollywood Hills neighborhood, a murder takes place in the residence of Ronald Dawson, and a woman who witnessed the murder takes off in fear for her life. Murtaugh is called into the case. Meanwhile, on the beach near Riggs' trailer, Riggs was apparently there the whole night and slept there. Everyone at the beach, including the Sheriff's Department, gathered around and saw him covered in seaweed. He woke up and was naked. Just then, he is seen walking back to his trailer to get dressed and ready for work.

At the station, Riggs and Murtaugh are called in by Captain Avery, and there they are assigned to the case Ronald Dawson's house. Along the way, they are introduced to Bennet Hirsch, an ATF agent, who is working on the case of illegal arms trafficking of MG-10. There, he offers them his expertise, but they decide to work on their own and leave to go to Dawson's house. Arriving at the house, they look for any clues they can find and anything else. Along the way, they're told by Ronald Dawson that one of his friends who would frequently visit, Natasha Belenko, might know something about it.

Back at the station, Riggs and Murtaugh get Natasha's address, which they leave again for.

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