Tom Wyler was a detective of the Los Angeles Police Department who was assigned on the Krugerrand Case.

Lethal Weapon 2Edit

Wyler was in the detective bureau office watching Martin Riggs attempt to break free from a straightjacket he made bet on. He does, but in a painful way, dislocating his shoulder. When Roger Murtaugh comes in, he tells everyone to break it up, gives Riggs their money he won the bet on, and continue on their assignment. Riggs then intentionally alerts everyone Roger's daughter, Rianne, was going to be in a commercial at eight o'clock on channel 8.

After Murtaugh and Trish were ambushed and tied up in their own home, Wyler was among the many detectives that heard the news and committed to prevent further harm to the others.

The next day, Wyler and the other detectives arrived at Arjen Rudd's house and attempted to arrest him and his men, but under diplomatic immunity restrictions, they were unable to.

A few days later, one of Rudd's men, Pieter Vorstedt, comes to Wyler's house while Wyler is working out. He fatally shoots him in the head for trying to get too close to him, Rudd and the rest of Rudd's men.

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