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Victoria Riggs
Name: Victoria Lynn
Status: Deceased
Age: 31
Date of birth: 1953
Deathplace: Los Angeles
Cause of death: Mistakenly killed by Pieter Vordstedt
Nationality: American
Marital status: Married
Spouse(s): Martin Riggs:
(1973 – 1984), her death

Victoria Lynn Riggs (1953 – 1984) was the first wife of Martin Riggs, whom she married in 1973. She was killed in a car crash, in what appeared to look like an accident in 1984 by Pieter Vordstedt, which was an attempted murder on Riggs himself, but had gone bad. They were married for 11 years.

After Victoria's death, Riggs fell into a deep depression, with his job as a police officer the only thing keeping him from suicide. After handling the situation with Mr. Joshua, Riggs was able to turn away from his suicidal thoughts and give his hollow-point bullet to Murtaugh, who would understand it at that point. Riggs would visit her grave and constantly remind her he still loves her and always will.

In the events of the second film, Riggs would be reminded of the night Victoria died, when Trish found his gold pen that was mixed up in his laundry. According to Riggs, he was supposed to meet her for dinner, and he was so caught up with work and forgot about the whole thing. She waited at the restaurant for an hour before deciding to drive home alone. When Riggs gets back home at midnight, he received a phone call from the morgue and was told she was killed in a car crash. He starts breaking down, lying on the floor, and sees the gold pen there. He drove to the morgue, identified her there and signed her out with his gold pen. A few days later, after Riggs and Murtaugh were investigating the drug cartel of Arjen Rudd and Pieter Vordstedt, Riggs gets captured by Vordstedt, who tells him he was responsible for the death of his wife when the attempt was meant for him, and that he covered it all up to make it look like an accident. With Riggs and Murtaugh defeating and killing Vordstedt and Rudd, he has avenged the deaths of both Victoria, Rika Van Den Haas, and their fellow officers who were murdered, thus allowing him to put his demons to rest and getting on with life once again thereafter.

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